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Weddings: Planning, Management & Entertainment

Taylor Entertainment will take care of everything for you so you can relax and enjoy your family and friends.

We will act as your personal reception coordinator, working with the photographer, caterer, videographer and other vendors to ensure that your reception goes well. If requested we will meet with you prior to your wedding to discuss in detail every event from start to finish. Your Wedding DJ will customize your event according to your particular requirements, whether you want your DJ to be more subdued and in the background or whether you want your DJ to be interactive, and to get the crowd going by utilizing participation dances.

Excellence in Wedding DJ Service

 In addition to coordinating everything, your DJ will “MC” the event and will make all your announcements. Your DJ will also play a wide variety of music, so regardless of your guest’s ages or musical tastes, they will have a great time. We will ensure that your event is a success, and a time to be remembered by all.


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