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Pop Noggins: Entertainment Video for Parties

Guests quickly join in for PopNoggins, a hip & hot entertainment product utilizing "green screen" technology to superimpose guests' heads onto animated bodies. Up to six people at a time (or more if you desire) sit on magical stools as they sing along and animate to the greatest pop hits of all time, such as "Mony Mony", "Lady Marmalade" a little Elvis and a bit of Cyndi Lauper, along with others rock hits and modern greats.

PopNoggins' exclusive digital blender captures the guest's gig, which is then transferred into some amazing take home digital magic. Guests can even have an instant captured video web site with sponsored branding or simply brand inside each video, just like Fox News or ESPN.

Guests Love PopNoggins -- It all just makes you giggle!

Guests are always highly entertained and guests viewing the participants can't get enough. "Green Screen" meets "lip sync" meets "instant animation" meets "karaoke"; it's a very cool, hip, branding and marketing tool.

PopNoggins' characters avail themselves to your guest demographics with their whimsical smiles and cutting edge graphics Everybody has a friend like our lead guitar player Rock Nogginoff or Berkley grad and saxophone player Scats.